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Mirepoix Market in Summer

November 18, 2013 by Gilli in News

I go to Mirepoix Market most Mondays throughout the year, but summer – by which I mean April through to mid October – is not only special for the additional number of interesting stalls carrying crafts, jewellry & clothes from all over the world, but also because we are visited by what you could call real stolling minstrels. Actually these are usually musicians or performers of some kind who travel France performing at the most interesting markets. They generally only appear for a couple of week and then they are off somewhere else. I now have a new camera which will take a reasonable clip of film as well as good quality photos and I try to take it with me everywhere I go. Over the next few months I will be posting a new photo or film that has been taken during summer 2013 which I hope our visitors to this site will find interesting along with some relevant comments about our own activities, such as the lambing 2014 which should start next February, our gardening exploits, visits we make and things we might do. I hope anyone who reads this will be entertained.

This beautiful old car suddenly appeared parked in Limoux!

This beautiful old car suddenly appeared parked in Limoux!